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  • Dermaplane Facial $130 | 60 minutes
    Why we love it: Smooths textured skin • Removes peach fuzz • Deeply exfoliates Who doesn’t want a radiant glow and super soft skin? The Dermaplane Facial (meaning to literally remove or plane the skin or derma), offers an overall smoother, even skin tone and refined, radiant appearance (with no downtime!) Using medical-grade blades, the upper layers of “peach fuzz” and dead skin are removed allowing for a deep exfoliation. Bonus? This treatment also increases your skin’s ability to absorb hydration, nutrients, and active ingredients. +Add a gentle chemical exfoliation $50 |30 minutes Following a dermaplane facial, chemical treatments are far more effective, decreasing shedding and boosting results.
  • Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) aka Microneedling $240 | 90 minutes
    Why we love it: Stimulates collagen • Decreases the appearance of scars • Treats fine lines and wrinkles • Reduces the size of pores (Only offered September - May. This procedure requires a consult prior to booking your appointment to verify that you are a good candidate.) There are plenty of reasons why CIT is one of our most popular treatments. From boosting and repairing tired, lax skin to decreasing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scaring, microneedling does wonders for a variety of skin issues. Using microsurgical titanium steel needles (yes, tiny needles*), this treatment creates microscopic openings in the top layer of the skin. Why you might ask? Well, these micro-punctures stimulate the body’s repair response system, helping to release growth factors and new collagen to synthesize an abundance of healthy new tissue. Amazing right!? *Don’t care for needles? Who does!? That’s why we use numbing cream to decrease any possible discomfort with this treatment. It should also be noted that there can be moderate redness post treatment which can require down time after completion. (But that’s how you know it’s working!) +Add a dermaplane treatment $50 | 30 minutes Reduces post-treatment peeling, boosts the efficacy of the procedure and increases product penetration. +Add décolletage CIT $80 | 30 minutes Extends the standard treatment to ensure that your neck and chest match the youthful appearance of your face.
  • Rejuvenating Facial $115 | 60 minutes
    Why we love it: Refreshes tired skin • Deeply hydrates • Soothes irritated skin Looking to exfoliate and hydrate tired skin? Yes please! Using fruit enzymes and a cooling mask, this luxurious treatment boosts skin brightness and leaves you feeling refreshed and restored. For another layer of relaxation, we add in a warm and hydrating paraffin treatment for hands, followed by a gentle face and neck massage (complete with aromatic oils and soothing products). Prepare to leave with newfound radiance and a smile on your face.
  • Fire and Ice Facial from iS Clinical $125 | 60 minutes
    Why we love it: Gently resurfaces • Instantly brightens • Revitilizes dull skin Infamous as the “red carpet” facial, this signature treatment from iS Clinical instantly revitalizes aging or acneic skin, leaving you with a luminescent glow. We kick it off with some spice, applying a resurfacing mask that improves overall skin texture and appearance. Next comes the hydrating mask to cool and soften skin. We finish things off with a cold globe massage to leave you feeling energized, renewed, and ready for whatever big plans you have scheduled. Wedding? Graduation speech? New job? You’re ready.
  • Diamond Glow $249 | 60 minutes
    Why we love it: Provides instant glow • Deeply cleanses congested pores • Treats roughness and dryness Lunch-break facial anyone? Perfect for individuals who don’t have a lot of downtime to recover from a bigger procedure like a chemical peel or microneedling, the Diamond Glow facial produces radiant skin without the recovery time. Great for dull or congested skin, the recessed diamond tip wand uses 3X1™ technology to simultaneously exfoliate, extract debris, and deeply infuse the skin with pharmaceutical-grade serums. But want to know our absolute favorite thing about Diamond Glow? Every aspect of the treatment is customized to YOU — from which diamond tip we use to address your specific skin concern to the SkinMedica® serums we choose for your skin type. To round out the experience, we add in a warm and hydrating paraffin treatment for hands, an anti-aging mask, and a luxurious face, neck and shoulder massage. +Add on chemical exfoliation or dermaplane treatment $50 | 30 minutes When paired with Diamond Glow, additional treatments are more effective since pores are open and most receptive.
  • Custom Facial $135-$155 | 75 minutes
    Why we love it: It's all yours! Not sure what your skin needs? We’ve all been there. Whether you’re looking to treat a specific skin concern or want some help creating and kicking off a plan of care, this facial is tailored-made to treat your skin on an individual level. Acne? Sun damage? Dull, tired skin? No matter what you’d like to address, we’ll develop a treatment made just for you (and your wallet).
  • Prodigy Peel "P2" System $175 | 60 minutes (Series of 3 for $450)
    Why we love it: Treats mild to moderate acne • Repairs signs of sun damage and ageing • Quick recovery time compared to other light peels One of our favorite peels out there, the P2 combines a balanced mix of designer chemicals to address a range of skin concerns. We’re talking mild to moderate acne, pigment irregularities, fine lines and wrinkles, and signs of sun damage. But that’s not all it can do. The unique formula is crafted for an easy and elegant recovery. Translation? Limited downtime and peeling, but maximum results!
  • Prodigy Peel "P3" System $225 | 60 minutes (Series of 3 for $600)
    Why we love it: Treats moderate to advanced acne • Improves uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and age spots • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles Ready for some BIG results? An advanced formula ideal for individuals with hyperpigmentation, aging, and blemish-prone skin, P3 is a powerful treatment for creating change in the overall health and radiance of your skin. Whether you’re looking to address stubborn acne, uneven skin texture, or skin laxity, this medium-depth peel offers a brighter, more youthful complexion.

To make sure you don’t experience adverse reactions during services, please refrain from using retinols, antibiotics, tanning or any advanced aesthetic services prior to appointment.


Brow Wax & Tint | $40

Wax Only  | $25

Tint Only  | $25

Chin Wax  | $15

Nose Wax  | $15

Lip Wax  | $15

Decollate Peel | $40

Hand Peel  | $25

To make sure you don’t experience adverse reactions during services, please refrain from using retinols, antibiotics, tanning or any advanced aesthetic services prior to appointment.

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